​Multi-Purpose / Hand Cream

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​Nirolin’s multi-purpose hand cream is characterized by uncompromising quality and is designed to treat dry skin of the hands, elbows and knees. Due to the ideal concentration of active ingredients, the cream treats a vast range of harmful skin agents, such as skin exposure to harsh conditions, water, cleaning
products, cuts and bruises.
The Lactoleen cream is rich with acids, which treat dry, cracked skin, it regenerates skin cells and nourishes the skin. The cream further contains natural oils which
give the skin a fresh, youthful appearance and enrich it with a beautiful, unique scent.
Due to the cream’s optimal therapeutic nourishing abilities, the skin cells in the treated area are regenerated and the skin undergoes metamorphosis from being dry and lacking moisture to healthy, revitalized and nourished with natural moisture.

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