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Nirolin Life Science Ltd. Specializes in Innovative & Unmet Cosmetic Needs, Localizing New Solutions with Paramedical Innovative Technologies and Marketing them through Unique Distribution Model.

About Us

NIROLIN is involved in the development and introduction of professional anti-aging cosmetics as well as other products that address various skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, eczema, and more.


NIROLIN has developed a unique commercial model that operates successfully in the domestic market and is in the process of penetrating international markets. The model refers to the product distribution chain and combines capital, marketing, and science; Entrepreneurs with knowledgeable in marketing experienced chemists, financial companies, leading skincare specialists, and dermatologies.


The marketing model has brought a unique benefit to the end customer by being able to enjoy a high-quality professional product, which includes research-proven active ingredients, at required high concentrations, and competitive price tailored to the target market.


As a company that sets our goal of improving the quality of life to our customers, We've made a breakthrough in the distribution of our products


Nirolin delivers professional products in direct marketing, quality products that, in the past, could only be obtained in the professional market reach directly to the customer's home. NIROLIN specializes in market research intending to characterize the end-users habits in the target market and offer it an exact product that meets its needs.


In 2012, we founded three young academic entrepreneurs, Nir Ronen and Lior Nirolin, when we set ourselves the goal of researching the truth in aesthetics and skin health and distributing it to the mass market.



From its inception, the company is full of energy, with a fruitful collaboration with the most professional chemists, dermatologists, and akin care specialists in the global market. Together, hand in hand, we discover innovative technologies and unique raw materials, unveiling and developing aesthetic and paramedical cosmetics, with the highest quality mark with tangible, visible results.



After rigorous testing of the products and satisfaction with the results, we distribute our disclosures among our many satisfied customers.


In 2013, the company made a significant leap thanks to an investment agreement with an international biopharmaceutical company, Gillbood Trading S.A., led by Mr. Avi Meizler, founder of "Meizler Biopharma.", The company Founded in 1990 to promote the development of health in Brazil, specializes in-licensing and acquisition of new drugs and existing partnerships with the world's leading pharmaceutical/biotech and device doctors.


Nirolin's vision is to lead the aesthetic and dermo-cosmetics market by identifying and developing the highest quality products based on innovative medical technologies and distributing them through unique distribution mechanisms.

Including no compromises regarding the quality of the products, at Nirolin, we maintain a high level of service, provide various solutions to our customers and provide a professional response in the area of ​​skin health and care.



Today Nirolin is in line with the world's leading aesthetic and cosmetic dermo-cosmetics companies



The company manufactures a wide variety of paramedical-cosmetics including, skincare, bodycare, haircare, babycare, and products for teeth and gum care.


The high quality of LEEN products is a results of three facts: First, we never compromise on selecting high quality raw materials;


Second, we use an innovative technologies developed specially for us, in all of our product lines;


Third, the production line is led by the professional, experienced management team.

Leen Nanotechnology


LEEN is a paramedical-cosmetic products manufacturer established in early 2009 by Dr. Ali Abo Riziq


Israeli Market

Israeli Market Overview


  • The Israeli cosmetics market is characterized by multiple products and in various distribution channels.

  • Due to low barriers of entry and minimal regulatory demands, many manufacturers are operating and developing cosmetic products in different quality levels.

  • The main distribution channel is the drugstore chain stores, and the end user (the customer) is affected by marketing campaigns and branding.

  • Professional cosmeticians and professional beauty salon, market to their customers, a range of products that aren't sold in the retail chains. Some of these products are private brand of the beauty salons and some are branded by the manufacturer or by the reseller.

  • There are number of local manufacturers that are market directly, and exclusively, to the professional market.

  • In addition to the cosmetics market, the Dermo-cosmetics market is characterized by paramedical products which provide solutions for various skin diseases.

Billion NIS

The Israeli cosmetics market

Million NIS

Local Professional Market

Million NIS

Facial and body care products:

  • Israeli products
    66.4 Million NIS

  • Import products
    44.8 Million NIS

36% Annual growth rate (2006-2010)
20% Predicted annual growth rate
Private pharmacy
Dermo Cosmetics market
117 Million NIS
Professional market

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