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At the beginning last century, cosmetics companies began talking about preparations that preserve the complexion. The development was based on various derivatives of vitamins such as retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and lecithin known as antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent the free radicals from oxidizing and thus slow down the aging process of the skin.

Later in the 1980's, anti-aging cosmetics containing alpha-hydroxy acids penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin burst into the cosmetics, treating wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin cells. The disadvantage of these acids is that at high concentrations, they can also damage the skin.

The big breakthrough in the field occurred at the turn of the century when the FDA approved the use of botulinum toxin in aesthetic injections. This breakthrough marked the beginning of the revolution of active ingredients, which includes cosmetic products composed of active ingredients and characterized by intracellular biological activity.

Technological advancements and advanced equipment have enabled the production of various derivatives and compounds of natural substances that penetrate the dermis layer, stimulate the natural regeneration process of the skin, and preserve cells from damage and aging.

The efficacy of the active ingredients has been demonstrated in laboratory and clinical studies. It is a piece of valid news for preserving and rejuvenating facial skin without a surgeon's knife, invasive injections, or harmful acids. Today, it is clear that daily care with active ingredients at the right concentrations can bring a real change in the texture and appearance of the skin.

Active Ingredients

Matrixyl® 3000

A peptide compound that is comprised of two groups of peptides: an existing one and a completely new group. All these peptides function in a similar manner as Vitamin C and in many cases, their performance exceeds the functioning of the vitamin’s natural version. They form the skin while stimulating the production of collagen. Furthermore, they strengthen the membranes and the protective skin barriers, as well as facilitate skin cells in withstanding the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation



A mixture of peptides derived from finely selected species of yeast. Protects the skin against environmental damages, with proven ability to enhance cellular respiration and to increase the supply and the consumption of oxygen in the cells.

Gatuline® In-Tense

A registered patent, an African flower extract, which has been proven in clinical and lab tests to be exceptionally effective in reshaping the look of the skin, in firming it, in strengthening its architectural structure and in tightening it. This ingredient stimulates the dynamic features of the skin cells and is instantly effective in smoothing the skin. Operates as a growth agent by enhancing the natural interaction between collagen fibers and fibroblasts (the cells responsible for collagen production), increases collagen production and tightens the skin. 

Squalane + Vitamin E 

Antioxidant moisturizers. Deeply permeate the skin, create a soft layer which prevents the leaking of fluids and prevents the penetration of invasive agents. 


A synthetic patented peptide, composed of 6 amino acids that constitute the basis of Botox. This peptide has earned the name “needle-free Botox” due to its structure and performance, which are similar to those of Botox. Argireline inhibits chemical reactions which cause the muscle to move or contract when making a facial expression. The immobility of the muscle makes the skin look smooth and wrinkle-free – even in cases of deep wrinkles.

Gatuline® RC

A registered patent; beech tree extract, which has been proven in clinical and lab tests to be exceptionally effective in smoothening the skin, in preventing new wrinkles, in the instant repair of expression lines and existing wrinkles characteristic of mature skin and in the significant increase of the skin’s moisture. 


A patented, 100% natural ingredient. A saccharide compound, similar in composition to the mixture found in our body, so that it is recognized and treated by the skin as a noninvasive agent. Pentavitin ® absorbs fluids in order to fill up skin cells and to retain a fixed, optimal supply. Proven by research to sooth the skin 50% more than the acceptable levels found in glycerin and to treat flaky skin, irritations and rashes in the most effective manner.

Hyaluronic Acid

Covers the skin and softens it due to its high ability to bind water and prevent its leaking from the skin cells. Moistens the skin, opens up pores, thus allowing higher penetration of other active ingredients.  Recent studies indicate that its mechanism of action, beyond its water binding abilities, is to prevent the decomposition of collagen, which stays in the skin, as well as the stimulation of the natural production of new collagen.

Syn® Ake

A tri-synthetic peptide that was developed as a result of research on rattlesnakes.  This peptide has earned the name “bottled Botox” due to its highly effective skin smoothing abilities. It inhibits facial muscle activity, creates suppleness and smoothens wrinkles from the inside.

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